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Stan Bush’s Free DVD Military Tribute “Limited Copies”

Arthur G. Douglas, Lt Col, USAF, Retired in association with Jarod Noose Productions and Stan Bush have a limited number of the “Tribute” music DVD’s to give as gifts as a “Thank You” to all military participants or family.

This is a letter to eWave TV from Lt Col, Douglas.

I’d like to invite your audience and participants the opportunity to send one as a gift to their favorite soldier, airman, marine or sailor brother,sister, mom, dad, other family member, or just a “thank you”to our military, national guard, and coast guard.

These music DVD’s are free including mailing to U.S. or overseas postal addresses. People may request one music DVby providing:Sender Requester’s Name and Telephone Number Including Area CodeRequester’s Address

Requester’s City, State, Zip

Military Member’s Name
Military Member’s Address
Military Member’s City, State, ZIP, APO, or FPO

Mail your requests to:

MONTGOMERY AL  36116-1787

We absolutely will not capture ANY information for marketing purposes or any other purpose.  And we will not share Any information received regardless of the requesting agency.

Thank you for all you do for the military, and for all you do for independent filmmakers.

Arthur G. Douglas, Lt Col, USAF, Retired
Executive Producer, Jared’s Noose Productions

You can watch the music video on My Muzic TV network.

Jared’s Noose Productions

My Muzic TV


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Kathy G Heads Outdoors for Kids Fun!

Check out Foodies TV show “The Art of Kathy G” on Foodies TV network!

The Art of Kathy G

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Country Star Ashton Shepherd launching “Cookin Country” on Foodies TV July 4th!

Chart-Topping Country Artist Ashton Shepherd Cooks Up a New Home-Grown Patriotic Single and Her Own Southern Cooking Show
Billboard hot country artistAshton Shepherd is bringing back her authentic country sound with the release her new single, This Is America, just in time for the Fourth of July holiday. It will be released this Friday, June 28th by going toAirPlay Direct. This single will be on CDX #575 (distributed July 22nd).
This new single, which will be off her upcoming album set to be released late July, is something she is very proud of. “There’s also a special surprise duet that I can’t wait for everyone to hear,” says Ashton.
This Is America was solely written by Ashton and portrays the same genuine country style that the audience expects when they think of Ashton Shepherd. “I wrote This is America when I was tired of seeing the negative things in the news, people bickering back and forth, and everyone seeming to be in turmoil and at the same time, knowing that people are in this chaos because the money’s runnin’ low, though we been workin’ real hard. I’ve been there before. As I wrote this song, the more I realized times are hard and America needs to stick together,” says Ashton.
Ashton will also be joining the ranks of other professional country foodies such as Trisha Yearwood, Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman, etc by having her own cooking show, “Cookin’ Country” on the Foodie Network Online EWave TV. EWave TV is America’s first multi-channel online television network and will air her first episode July 4th at http://foodies.ewave.tv/.
Nominee for the 2011 American Country Award for Female Music Video and 2009 Academy of Country Music Award Top New Female Vocalist, this southern belle was born and raised in the small Alabama town of Coffeeville. Growing up listening and
singing along with greats such as Reba McEntire, Alan Jackson, Patty Loveless and Shania Twain, Ashton’s passion for music grew stronger. In 2008, her debut albumSounds So Good produced two Top 40 hits Takin’ Off This Pain and the title trackSounds So Good. Her second album, Where Country Grows, includes the Top 20 hitLook It Up. She most recently participated in the CMA Music Festival activities by taking part in the CMA Kick-Off Parade as well as a Celebrity Go-Go Challenge, which raised money for Hear The Music Live. For more information on Ashton, visitwww.facebook.com/AshtonShepherd.
# # #
Radio stations can download the single by going towww.airplaydirect.com/AshtonShepherd.
For media requests and to schedule an interview with Ashton Shepherd, contact Nicole Zeller at (615) 327-0100 or nicole.zeller@plamedia.com.
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Documentary Special: Coming to Christian TV Monday July 8th

“A Faith Journey of a People, Dakota and Christianity – Introductory Overview”

“Introductory Overview”, is the first of what will be a six part series about the beginnings, the growth, and today’s challenges of Christian faith of the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota members of the Dakota Presbytery.  In this 28 and one half minute presentation a brief overview of the 175 plus year history is broken down into five time periods: “The Beginning 1835”; “Point of Transformation, 1862 – 1866”; “Age of Growth, 1868 – 1900”; “Established Faith, 20th Century”; “Today’s Challenges”.


In 1835 the first mission church in western Minnesota was established at the lake shore of Lac Qui Parle near the present day city of Montevideo.   Presbyterian missionary, Rev. Thomas Williamson MD, his wife and several others, began a life long ministry to the Dakota Indians.  Since that time each generation of missionaries, ministers, and Dakota Indian Christians have experienced various challenges and growth in their faith in Jesus Christ.  The expansion and establishment of the Presbyterian Church on Sioux reservations, was not so much done by white missionaries but by Indian ministers and pastors willing to reach out and share the gospel of salvation with their people.


Over the years as the US government sought to remove the Indian and preserve the man by attempting to extract their culture from their society the Christian church preserved the language and identity.  The Bible had been translated into Dakota, hymnals were printed and hymns sung in Dakota, prayers and sermons were spoken in Dakota.  Though reservation society made the Indian subservient to governmental oversight and annuity payments, the Dakota Presbytery opened the doors for education, self determination and growth, individually and as a society.


Once the entire project is completed, it is the producers’ hope that this series will educate the viewer as to the importance of the Christian missionary at a point in history when two societies were about to collide.  It is the hope that the viewer will realize that when all was lost it was faith in Jesus Christ that gave the Christian Dakota the strength and vision to move forward during a time of great upheaval.

The Producers:


Rev. Bob Offerdahl - Growing up in southeastern South Dakota, Bob became very familiar with the traditions and culture of the Dakota & Lakota tribes of the northern plains.  As he was approaching retirement as a Presbyterian Pastor in the Youngstown, Ohio area, he sensed God’s call to reach out and connect with the leadership and members of the Dakota Presbytery.   In 2003, Bob attended his first meeting of the Dakota Presbytery and has since expanded a ministry outreach to assist in the growth and advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Presbyterian Reservation Churches.  In 2012, Bob transferred his Presbytery membership to the Dakota Presbytery so that he could better assist

and partner with their pastors and elders.  His goal is to help strengthen the Dakota leadership and bring growth to the member churches.


Skip Hall - Skip has always seen the value of video as a means of communicating a positive message to the viewing world.  In February, 2010, he established Forerunner Multimedia Films LLC for the purpose, in part, of producing historical, faith based documentary films.


After meeting Rev. Offerdahl in early 2009, they decided to collaborate on a video project of recording the oral history of elder members of the Dakota Presbytery.  In the fall of that year, Rev. Sidney Byrd, a 92 year old retired pastor from Flandreau SD., was the first person to be interviewed for this project.  This initial interview inspired Skip to research the history of the Dakota Presbytery

and discover the richness of their story.  The collection of interviews recorded over the last several years provided the narrative for “Introductory Overview”, and the foundation by which the remaining five parts will be produced.


By working with Bob on the Dakota projects, he hopes to preserve the Christian legacy that grew within a great culture.


Contact information:

Rev. Bob Offerdahl:




John A. (Skip) Hall Jr.:



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“True to your Horse: Horsemanship” with David Lee Archer book available on Amazon!

In Be True To Your Horse, David Lee Archer, a world class horse trainer of forty years experience describes his legendary methods which communicate understanding easily from human to the equine mind. David demonstrates thru written word and visuals how to provide leadership to the horse so it becomes a willing partner in learning with its human owner. David explains how to get the most from your horse and let it think independently while starting it under saddle. Archer provides some of his personal philosophies and shares valuable insight gained from years of performing training techniques only the worlds’ best horseman know. In Be True To Your Horse, David Lee Archer reminds us to respect and cherish the most important thing while training, the horse’s heart, mind, and soul.


Don’t miss David’s show on Living Rural TV www.LivingRuralTV.com


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A Letter To My Cat: A Unique Book Project Invitation: Dr. Shelby Neely

“Tails from the Cat Doctor” Host: Dr. Shelby Neely:

Recently, I was asked to participate in a project for an upcoming book, A Letter to My Cat, a book project that truly celebrates one-of-a-kind cats and their dedicated owners.

I was so honored to be asked to participate in this project, and am delighted to be able to share an open invitation to all of you to share your letters of love to your cats for consideration in this heartwarming project! As the creators said, “this is a unique opportunity for you to express what makes your relationship with your own cat or cats so special and to explore the love, joy, laughter and selflessness our furry friends treat us to every day. ”

About the Book:

Lisa Erspamer, Kimi Culp and renowned photographer Robin Layton created their first hit book, A Letter to My Dog: Letters to Our Best Friends with the intent of capturing the extraordinary bond, undying loyalty, and deep love and connection so many of us share with our furry best (canine) friends. After its release, there was a resounding cry– or should we say, meow– from another group of devoted animal lovers: cat lovers! Suffice it to say, there was no way they couldn’t create A Letter to My Cat.

More from creator Lisa Erspamer:

“My beloved Yorkie, Louis, was the original inspiration behind the idea for this book. Louis was a very special little guy who carried his heart on his paw. His big beautiful eyes stared at me 24 hours a day. When I was in the room nothing else mattered, except for the occasional ball. Louis not only taught me about the beauty of having someone to care for – he taught me how to love and made me a better person. Louis loved me more than I ever thought possible. I can honestly say that I experienced unconditional love for the first time through the eyes of my special boy. Louis was there for me when no human could be – he was my protector, my therapist, my teacher and my best friend. I thought Louis and I would be together forever, but sadly just a month before the release of the book, Louis died. His death was sudden and unexpected, a kind of freak accident. He took his last breath as I held him in my arms. His little sister Lily was there with us. It was the hardest day of our lives.”

Below, please see the creators’ open invitation for you to submit your letter!

Dear Cat Lovers,

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in A Letter To My Cat, a uniquely heartfelt book project that celebrates one-of-a-kind cats and their dedicated owners.

A Letter To My Cat will follow the hugely successful book, A Letter To My Dog: Notes to Our Best Friends (www.alettertomydog.com), which features a compilation of stunning portraits, accompanied by personal letters to each dog from devoted owners– including celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Bennett, Tyler Perry, Chelsea Handler, Robin Roberts and Kristin Chenoweth, as well as animal lovers just like you!

A Letter To My Cat will also include gorgeous photography and personal letters from prominent individuals as well as everyday cat owners.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit animals in need.

We would love for you to submit a letter to be considered for publication the book. This is a unique opportunity for you to express what makes your relationship with your own cat or cats so special and to explore the love, joy, laughter and selflessness (or maybe selfishness) our furry friends treat us to every day.

If you would like to submit a letter, this is what is needed:

Your letter: 

    Started “Dear (cat’s name)” and signed (i.e. Love, Mom) and kept to less than 500 words total.


    Send in a few photos along with your letter. Ideally, they should be personal pictures, but if a professional took them, please include the photographer’s contact information so they may be contacted for rights if needed.

Your Contact Info:

     Be sure to include your full name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and any social media, website, and/or blog info.

There is no hard and fast deadline yet, but get those letters in! You can submit the letters and the photo files at alettertomycat.com.

We look forward to reading your letters. Please be patient with the process, as we are combing though several entries. Feel free to pass this along to anyone else you know who loves their cat. Got questions? Reach out to the creators on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest!

Happy Writing!!


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American Amateur Kitchen Coming to Foodie TV!

Foodie TV will be launching soon.  You will love “American Amateur Kitchen”…watch for launch date.  To find our more about the show visit their website at… http://www.americanamateurkitchen.com


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“The Art of Kathy G” Coming Soon to Foodie TV!

With more than 20 years of experience, Kathy G is widely recognized as Birmingham, Alabama’s premier special event and wedding caterer.  Delicious, detailed, and delightful, her menus are loaded with creative cuisine and innovative ideas to compliment any event whether it’s a wedding, rehearsal dinner, corporate function, holiday affair, anniversary, reunion, or cocktail party.

In addition to providing a culinary experience unrivaled in Alabama, Kathy G’s in-house design team, KG Designs, offers floral and decor for events of all sizes.  Her show will bring all of this to you the viewer.


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“Big Eats Small Spots” with Lawrence Talpin Coming Soon to Foodie TV!

Watch for Lawrence Talpin’s “Big Eats Small Spots” launching soon on Foodie TV!  You might pass by these places every day and not give a second glance but that’s why eWave TV is excited to introduce BIG EATS, SMALL SPOTS! Follow Lawrence as he introduces you to places “where you want to go!”



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“True to your horse, horsemanship” with Host David Lee Archer….David works with rescued and troubled horses, trains horses and rehabilitates their owners. Coming soon on Living Rural TV.

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“The Beauty of Music” with Sherri Justice will be a hit on My Muzic TV.

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“Best Language” Short Film Coming Soon to eWave TV!

“Best Language” Short Film by Kundan Sad will air on Sky Star TV Saturday February 1st, 2014.

If you are searching for the best language then may be this short film will give you the answer you have been looking for. Is it English, Hindi, French, German, Spanish or any other. A short movie about one of the most valuable lesson a person can learn in his life. Discover the true meaning of communication within 5 minutes.

Shot on canon 7d and canon 60d

Lens : – 50mm f/1.8
Edited in After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5

Shoot Duration : Shot in 2 hours and one day in post production

Special thanks to Peter Ross for background score.

Written, Directed and Edited by,

Kundan Sad, Sanket Meshram, Prajakt Meshram.

Kundan Sad Filmography

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New Series Coming to Sky Star TV: “Young Disciple”

Coming to Sky Star TV in December: “Young Disciple” This series is one that you won’t want to miss!

There is allot of programming on television and on the internet (YouTube and other websites) that references the Christian lifestyle, and many find themselves bothered by what they’re shown. Either the message is watered down or isn’t in line with scripture, or it alienates the viewer in a way that doesn’t hold their interest.

The Media Kompany (TMK) has taken a strategic approach with their new mini series, and may have knocked it out the park with this one!

Young Disciple is the new (TMK) mini series that takes a look at the transformation that a group of young men go thru as they transition from being gangstas to becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. Those of us that are in Christ can affirm that change does not come easy, regardless of the life we’ve lived or the path we’ve walked… change doesn’t always happen fast, and as consistent as God is (yesterday, today, and forever more), quite often we are ALWAYS a variable.

Sky Star TV

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New series launches on My Muzic TV: “The Story Behind the Song”

My Muzic TV is known for promoting indie artist with their music videos.  Now, My Muzic TV takes it one step further and tells you “The Story Behind the Song!”

Producer Mike Purcell of 6minor films is bringing this new show to eWave TV networks.  The show will air once a month on My Muzic TV’s home site.

The first show features a band called “Them Vibes.”  Them Vibes is a Nashville based band that is composed primarily of Brother Love (a.k.a. Larry Florman) and Alex Haddad. They feature a rotating cast of band members for their live shows. They have recently completed their first full length CD which is available at iTunes. “Shine On” is a song with an uplifting message and ties together various life experiences into a message that we all just need to keep searching for the positivity in life. More information is available on their Facebook page Them Vibes Facebook. This video was produced by 6minor Films as a portion of their Songwriter series – a 6 episode compilation of 30 minute episodes featuring songwriters and bands spanning a wide range of genres. For more information on the Songwriter series, please check out our facebook page 6minor Films Facebook The DVD will be released nationally March 11, 2014 through MVD Entertainment Group, but copies will be available for sale directly from 6minor Films starting in early December.

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My Muzic TV’s Sherri Justice on the Move!!

My Muzic TV’s My Muzic TV Sherri Justice will be hosting a remix show today and will be speaking at the Alabama LSU Pre-game show Saturday at 12:50 central…3.1 million viewers. Also you can check out her show at  The Beauty of Music with Sherri Justice Check out Sherri’s interview with Willie & Lukas Nelson.

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Sky Star TV launching Halloween Day featuring “The Master & Me”

Sky Star TV will launch Halloween day with the wonderful film “The Master & Me.”

Sky Star TV is eWave TV’s movie network with premium shows.

“The Master & Me” as its first short film entered into eWave TV’s “Webbie” Short Film Awards.

“The Master & Me” is a modern day Dr. Frankenstein tries to resurrect the dead in an American big city with disastrously hilarious results.

Genre Horror, Comedy

Studio Twin Suns Productions

Starring Bob Joy, Irwin Keyes, Malia Miglino, Bill Suplee

Directed By Art Douglas

Screenplay By Art Douglas

Produced By Phil Cox

The Master & Me Facebook page

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Sky Star TV Launching Halloween with a Masterful film!!

Sky Star TV will be launching Thursday Oct. 31st and will be featuring the first of our indie film’s for our yearly film festival.

“The Master & Me” starring Robert Joy & Irwin Keyes and written and directed by Art Douglas is one to watch!  Witness the shocking tale of a modern day Dr. Frankenstein and his faithful assistant trying to resurrect the dead in an American big city with disastrously hilarious results!!

Click on the link below to watch the trailer.

“The Master & Me” Trailer


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My Muzic TV’s Sherri Justice is on the Move!

Watch Sherri Justice on My Muzic TV’s “The Beauty of Music” with Sherri Justice!


The Beauty of Music with Sherri Justice

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New Technology Coming to eWave TV: “Hot Spotting”

Watch for our “Hot Spotting” technology launch!


Imagine being able to click on a video and go to a website to purchase the product you see in the video!


Coming soon to eWave TV!!

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Living Rural TV: “Giving Back” Contest with David Lee Archer

TV Host & Horse Trainer David Lee Archer is “Giving Back” to all of those who watch his show.  Click on the link below to find out how you can submit for someone to win 1 months of horse training FREE by David!

“Giving Back” Contest

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Jingle Contest Sept. 1st – Dec. 15th

Win a Young’s Suncoast Gulf Shores Vacation Package by submitting the best eWave TV Jingle Video.  Click on the link below for details!


Jingle Contest


Young’s Suncoast Vacation & Realty

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Love Horses? Contest in September

Do you know of someone who loves horses, has a rescue or one that they don’t know how to train and can’t afford a trainer? If so, watch Living Rural’s FB site and website for a contest starting in Sept. that will make one horse owner the happiest horse owner in the US!

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Coming in September: Jingle Contest

Watch for details on our Jingle Contest that will start in September.  If you love the beach, you will love the prize.


Details coming soon!

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Ashton Shepherd coming to Foodies TV July 4th!


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“The Beauty of Music” with Sherri Justice

If you have not watched “The Beauty of Music” with Sherri Justice, you are missing out!  Check out www.MyMuzicTV.com and watch this entertaining show!


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Sky Star TV launching in May!

“The Kevin Show” starring Dr. Kevin Foley will launch in May on Sky Star TV.  Watch for launch date!


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