Does your phone need to apply a tempered glass film?

  • Tempered glass mobile phone film is a new mobile phone protective film released by the United States in 2012. It is the most high-end new product offering protection of phone screen. This thickness of the protective layer is only 0.1 mm, so that the original screen surface can be completely covered to prevent damage by external forces and scratches. Meantime the tempered glass film listed by Cell Phone Age com increased the impact of absorption comparable with 5 times higher than the PET film standard. What most important is that it won’t affect the video effect on screen.


    How about anti-fingerprint effect of tempered glass film

    Many businesses have mentioned the tempered glass film can prevent fingerprints. In fact, the exact argument is that the high quality of tempered glass film can reduce the fingerprint residue on the glass film, but can’t completely eliminate the fingerprints. The method is to add a layer of anti-fingerprint oil on the surface of the tempered glass film, and this layer of anti-fingerprint oil coating can also ensure that stains on the surface of the steel film can be easily removed. On the anti-fingerprint oil processing technology, there are high and low points.


    The market's top anti-fingerprint oil is plating anti-fingerprint oil. In general, only a few number of manufacturers for high-end tempered glass film to use anti-fingerprint oil plating. The principle of electroplating has no much to explain, in short, after plating anti-fingerprint oil processing the effect of tempered glass film on the performance is smoother and more durable that can generally last about 2 months. If you often use mobile screen film, in fact from the touch of the tempered glass you can feel and determine its quality.


    Whether the tempered glass film can prevent phone screen from broken?

    In fact, on whether the screen is broken not broken, it really depends on personal luckiness. Tempered glass film is known as anti-drop, which is only to reduce the probability of broken screen. As the main part of tempered glass film is still ordinary glass, the intensity will not be higher than the high-end phone used Corning gorilla glass. Otherwise you will see the magic scene when screen is broken but protector film not.


    From the point of view on fit form, this flexible fit method simply can’t increase the intensity of phone screen, but you can see the tempered glass film as the second external screen. If the phone falls, the tempered film can indeed absorb some damage, playing a role in reducing the probability of broken screen. Of course, you do not expect it to play a big role, if the phone falls from the height of tens of meters, you still ready to buy a new cell phone.


    Try not to choose low-priced goods since tempered glass film itself is fragile

    Many friends after purchase of tempered glass film faced the situation that the glass film automatically broken. In fact it is easy to understand as tempered glass is still fragile, so broken can be considered normal thing. Decisions on the breakdown of tempered glass film are divided into two categories. First, the product itself is the problem. The second is the operate problem. From the product itself, whether tempered glass film is fragile need to be analyzed from raw materials and processes.


    1, Raw materials. Glass film is made of different brands of glass raw materials. And the strength between different raw materials will be also different. But unless it is a defective glass raw material, most of the glass manufacturers’ brand, on the strength of glass, the difference is not obvious.


    2, Processing technology. There are three main procedures to determine the quality of glass film: CNC cutting, arc polishing and tempering furnace steel. CNC cutting is the glass material cut into suitable for the shape of the phone model. Arc edge polishing is the straight side of the tempered film around the 2.5D arc. Tempered steel is to make the glass film semi-finished products processed in the high temperature furnace and the role of potassium nitrate so that the glass film strength slightly enhanced, greatly increasing the toughness, to ensure that even if the glass film fragmentation, it will not hurt human body.


    Above all, for each brand of tempered film, in fact the price difference is not big. But getting the results of evaluation, shoppers will be unexpected. Different brands results of the evaluation are so obvious! Especially the water droplets test, although those businesses say how good their anti-fingerprint effect, while the actual effect is not good. And on anti-explosion rating, it is even more obvious gap. Cell Phone Age consulted a number of professionals who said the production process of tempered glass is usually after the tempered glass cutting, it needs to coat on the surface with anti-fingerprint oil whose quality and technology have important impact on the quality of tempered glass film. Eventually these leads to different anti-fingerprint and anti-friction effect of the tempered film.


    In addition, the thickness and strength of tempered glass screen protector also has a certain relationship, simply on the strength, the thick glass film is slightly stronger, thin glass film strength is comparable slightly worse. But the thinner glass film feels better, so everyone in the choice of tempered glass film should better depend on their own circumstances.