• After it was announced that Denis “seized” CSGO Skins Kostin and Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács left Na’Vi after PGL Major Krakow, it seemed like the legendary Natus Vincere team was done. It seems like that is not the case after all. Natus Vincere got back Daniil “Zeus” Teslenko after his victorious run at Gambit, where he became a Valve Major champion and brought back seized.

    It appears that Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, the weapon of mass destruction of the CIS legends, will have to move from the role of Rifler to primary AWPer, because Na’Vi lost GuardiaN to FaZe Clan. It’s not like this is a big problem for s1mple, because he’s known to be good at both rifling and AWPing and doesn’t mind playing either role.

    Seized is known as one of the best Support players in the world, while the return of Zeus solves the biggest problem Natus Vincere has been experiencing over the last year-their lack of a player who could take up the role of in-game leader. After all, Zeus managed to lead Gambit to a Valve Major title with objectively less firepower to work with.

    The tragedy of the acquisition of s1mple was that to get him, Na’Vi had to let go Buy CSGO Skins the player essential for their success after Valve and ESL dropped a bomb, forbidding coaches from acting as in-game leaders, a very short after the news of s1mple joining Na’Vi was announced.

    If Na’Vi kept Zeus and released practically any other player to get s1mple, they would have probably been in a much better spot competitively over the last year. Now, we will be able to see how it would have went. It’s also good that roughly a year has passed since the move from Zeus to s1mple. It’s likely, that the Na’Vi players were quite frustrated with each other at the time of Zeus’ removal. With a year, tempers would have probably cooled down.

    Of course, it’s possible that the mood in Na’Vi after PGL Major Krakow wasn’t the best either, but hopefully, the players will cool off and work well with their old/new IGL.