FIFA 18: 4 reasons why FIFA on the Nintendo Switch could be tru

  • The relationship between FIFA and Manufacturers is a strange one.
    When the Wii U launched back in 2012, it took Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins three months for FIFA 13 to make its way on to the console.
    When it did finally arrive, it was lacking arguably the most popular mode, Ultimate Team - and gameplay was sub par compared with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Subsequent FIFA games were scrapped from the Wii U, with EA focusing efforts on the then next-gen consoles and the ageing Wii.
    However , the arrival of the Designers Switch heralds a new fresh start for the relationship between the Japanese manufacturer and EA.
    It may not feature The Journey, or use Frostbite, but there’s still some cutting-edge features you’d be mad to ignore.
    Let’s kick off along with FIFA Ultimate Group.
    You’ll be able to play FIFA 18 on the go
    The Switch has already proven itself as a brilliant handheld companion, so being able to perform the full game (not just the Web App) on the go will give this version the edge.
    Thankfully, FIFA has been ‘custom built’ for Nintendo’s new hardware.
    It may not use the latest Frostbite technology but game play is sleek, responsive and runs at 60FPS.
    Plus, you’re able to detach the Joy Con controllers and enjoy a friend - although this can be a bit fiddly.
    A battery life of up to six hours makes it perfect for long journeys.
    It has Ultimate Crew
    As long as you have Wifi you’ll be able to participate in Ultimate Team and buy packs as you normally would.
    Champions won’t feature but that’s not the end of the world.
    Graphics and presentation
    Sure, it’s not as crisp as the Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions of the game - but FIFA on the Switch is by no means ugly.
    EA producer Andrei Lazaresco told Eurogamer about how they made the most out of Switch’s Nvidia Maxwell-based Tegra X1 chip.
    “We’re using physical-based rendering, ” he said.
    “The crowds are 3D. The actual grass is 3D. The lighting is new. And on fifa ultimate Team 18 coins  top of that you’ll have Ultimate Team for the first time on Nintendo - and for the first time you’ll be able to take it on the run.
    “You’ll be able to play on a plane, on a bus, even from just a hotspot. ”
    Sounds like a winner to us.
    It’ll become easier than ever to meet new players
    Right now, if you want to add a friend on the Switch you need to use an annoying 12 digit Friend Code. But that’s all about to change.
    Nintendo confirmed in order to Polygon that more ways to add pals are on the way - using the likes of Twitter, Facebook and the simple Nintendo Network ID.
    Expect FIFA 18 to have a custom interface for adding players - although no details of this have been announced.