Implement Changes to Karambwanji & Castle Wars Bracelet OSRS

  • In order to make fishing for OSRS Karambwan a more viable Buy RS Gold  option, Jagex has done some changes to Karambwanji. Learn these changes and buy OSRS gold to catch more Karambwan. At the same time, Castle Wars Bracelets are available on F2P worlds.

    Four changes to Karambwanji

    Jagex has made some changes to Karambwanji, which makes it easier to fish for Karambwan.

    1 . Since the latest update, Tiadeche's Karambwan Stall has 50 Karambwanji in stock per world as a default cost of 10gp each.

    2 . As the bait to fish for Karambwan, Raw Karambwanji has become stackable in your inventory.

    3. You can not cook raw Karambwanji, unless you are required during the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. Besides, all existing cooked Karambwanji will be converted into Raw Karambwanji to prevent creating a stackable food source.

    4. The XP you can get from angling Karambwans has been reduced to 50XP from the previous 105XP for balancing reasons.

    Castle Wars Bracelet available to F2P players

    After F2P players can access Castle Battles via the increased portal to Clan Wars, right now upon F2P worlds Fortress Wars Bracelet can be purchased, used, and sold.

    When you wield this bracelet at the moment you enter the game, you do an extra 20% damage against a bearer of a flag, and bandages heal 50% more. What you just need to do is wear it up until the game starts. After that, you have been given the charge and can switch to any item wearing in the hand slot.

    Please note that it only has 3 charges at most, and each game can use up one Buy OSRS Gold charge. What’s more, it will be destroyed after all costs run out. You can see the number of charges remaining in brackets in the item name.

    With all these changes Fishing with regard to Karambwan will not be tedious at all. Why not try in order to catch them right now after you buy OSRS gold? Of course , if you are F2P players, you can obtain a Castle Competitions Bracelet to play CW better.