What’s new in the returned RuneScape Beach event?

  • With the returned Beach event around the corner, Cheap Runescape 3 Gold we will also encounter a new type hunter foe - Crystal Skillchompa in the north of the Tyras Camp in August. What’s more, the second part of new-look Achievement System is on the way too. Let’s preview them together before their coming and buy RuneScape gold with mobile.

    It’s believed that the Beach event will return on July 31, 2017, in which you can take on the lobster-like boss monster Clawdia, have a try on coconut shy, sandcastle building, battleships, rockpools, beach ball rolling, or hook a duck etc . In addition , you can use portals to your favorite distractions, not to mention the new Terrorbird racing course.

    Besides the previous rewards, the new hammock rest animation, sandcastle companion pet and more will be added in the event this year.

    What does Crystal Skillchompa RuneScape look like?

    In August, you will find a new type of hunter foe “Crystal Skillchompa”, which requires level 97 Hunter to catch, and can be used to train skills -- Divination, Fishing, Mining, and Woodcutting just like other skillchompas. However , it functions like the crystal tool and provides great rates of Hunter XP when you do. What’s more, in the near future you will get a new bonus from all skillchompa hunting.

    Other updates in August

    At the same time, we will enjoy the new-look Achievements System Part 2 soon, Runescape Gold which is improved according to players’ suggestions. And Jagex will also improve the ways to obtain skilling outfits ingame and so on

    Although many players are a little disappointed at the forthcoming updates in August, maybe these updates will bring us a big surprise in August, who knows? Don’t forget to buy RuneScape gold with mobile. http://www.rsgoldfast.com