Right now there is a hot topic about whether Jagex should add a

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    What is the suggestion of the player who made the post at first?
    The player suggests Jagex should increase a Mammoth boss in the place around Mammoths, where is mostly empty, for there has been a skeleton manager - Vet’ion and a bear boss - Callisto etc . And he also suggests this can be balanced by only allowing Javelins and Spears to harm the new boss.
    What are Mammoths?
    They are a species of elephant-like creatures that live in the west of the Chaos Temple. And they can be safespotted by using the trees, getting them stuck as they take 3x3, or by using the tree stumps. However , please note that you will be attacked by the thugs and other Mammoths for using the woods stumps.
    What are the other players saying?
    Most of the players support this idea. In addition , they suggest the new employer Buy Runescape 3 Gold should have a stomp feature and a charge which can do huge amounts of damage when it catches you. And it can drop Mammoth bones as well as skins as regular loot and the tusks as rare loot. What’s more, if it can drop a pet like mini Big, this will make it a very popular boss eventually.
    After learning these details, what do you think of it? Do you want a pet dropped from this new supervisor? Or on the contrary, you don’t want to add this new boss hanging around at all. No matter what opinions you have, feel free to speak out and buy OSRS gold cheap.  http://www.rsgoldfast.com