Is “7 Days to Go Until Announcement” about RuneScape Remastered

  • A few hours ago, Mod Ash posted a tweet “7 days to Old School RS Gold go until announcement”, which has given rise to a lot of speculations. And some players connects it with the new game RuneScape Remastered MMO, which is being developed by Jagex as well. Don’t forget Rsgoldfast with cheap OSRS gold for sale.
    The tweet content
    Mod Ash just posts a very unclear tweet “7 times to go until announcement”, and many players respond in order to ask him to give a clue about the announcement. But eventually they get little but a simple response “ Horses”.
    Various speculations from players
    At first, some players guess it’s about a new game update, such as Chaos Tunnel scan will be added back in RuneScape, or summer survey release etc . However all speculations related to the game update have been rejected by other players, Old School RuneScape Gold for this is announced both on RS3 and OSRS.
    Then many players speculate that it’s associated with the new game - RS Remastered MMORPG which Jagex is actually working on. According to the previous information - the brochure revealed earlier, Jagex is working on two new projects - RuneScape Tactics and RuneScape Remastered in 2017 and 2018. However , there are no more details revealed, for Mod Balance has announced before that these are both at an early stage, which they can’t guarantee to be put into full scale production. But what we can feel relieved is the team to work on these ideas is separated to the ones which develop RuneScape, and they will not replace RuneScape at all. That means you will have two more options in the future, and they will not reduce the efforts on Jagex’s flagship game.
    What do you think of these speculations? Maybe we just have to wait for 7 days to learn the surprise from Jagex for us. Just remember there is cheap OSRS gold for sale on Rsgoldfast.