RuneScape Shows A New Region To Hunt In

  • Adventurers, are you tired of the usual monsters which you slay? Are you looking for something totally new and dangerous to battle? The Lost Grove is a brand new place in RuneScape where you can seek out some exotic creatures, and earn lots of GP and XP while you’re there. The Lost Grove is one of Gielinor’s oldest secrets, so it is shrouded in secret, or it has been up until now, so prepare your weaponry and get ready to encounter new foes.

    All of us like new places that are filled with exciting enemies to battle, and also the Lost Grove is one of these. It’s home to wisps and fairies that reside peacefully with the excellent tree, which you can find in the center. Now, besides the new creatures to fight, additionally, there are creatures there which could use your help. Like Teelee is a fairy who has one important task: to appease the tree spirits. If you decide to help her in the new RuneScape Weekly Distraction and Diversion called Wisps of the Grove, she will reward you with lots of Hunter and Farming XP. There’s also a chance for you to get a brand new uncommon pet called Vinny.

    Let’s talk about the actual monsters that you’re going to hunt down. You will find three of them, the actual Vinecrawlers, the Bulbous crawlers, and the Moss Golems. First, in level 104 we now have the Vinecrawlers, and they are the one that you want to eliminate if you want the most GP per hour. The Bulbous crawlers, up in level 106, give an equal amount of XP and GP. Lastly, at level 108, we have the Moss Golems which give the most XP from these three. Addititionally there is some brand new treasure in The Lost Grove, like the new T85 Hybrid Cinderbane gloves that poison any kind of Sell RS Gold to us enemy that you strike.

    All RuneScape gamers need to talk to Morvran if you’re a good above level 104 slayer, to get the job which involves killing these types of creatures, and you can discover the Lost Grove through investigating the wrecks on the peninsula, southern of the poison waste materials.