FIFA 18 PC Up-date Out Now, Here's What It Does

  • FIFA 18's first update has gone out now for the PERSONAL COMPUTER version, making a number of changes across settings such as Ultimate Group, The Journey: Seeker Returns, and gameplay overall.

    For Ultimate Team, this plot adds new functionality for missed shots, while the update additionally fixes an issue in which the crowd had the wrong flags if the home team was putting on a certain jersey. There was also an issue enabling you to control the keeper in single-player that has now been set.

    In terms of general gameplay fixes, this FIFA 18 patch knobs back the difficulty for your Amateur and Semi-Pro difficulties, so beginners should have an easier time now. Additionally , keeper reactions has been changed in "certain situations. " As for the single-player changes, The Journey's issue in section 5 where the video game could crash ought to now be categorized out with this update.

    Today's FIFA 18 patch for PERSONAL COMPUTER also fixes some minor audio problems and adds enhancements to goal internet animations. It also adds the Bundesliga transmit package. You can see the entire patch notes below, as posted upon EA's website. A possibility immediately clear when this patch is going to be out for Ps 4 and Xbox 360 One. Consoles usually have lengthier certification procedures for patches, which could explain why this update is striking first on PERSONAL COMPUTER.

    And for more upon FIFA 18, you should check out GameSpot's review. We also have a break down of the cheap fifa 18 coins big variations between FIFA 18 and PES 18.

    FIFA 18 October 3 Update:

    Added the following in FIFA Ultimate team:

    Brand new functionality to Champs Channel including missed shots and hidden timeline.

    Addressed the following in FIFA Ultimate team:

    An issue with the extra time display within the Champions Channel schedule.

    An issue with secured EASFC catalogue packages on opponent groups in Squad Fights.

    An issue where the crowd would have incorrect flags when the home team is wearing a certain package.

    An issue where a player could crash when watching a FUT Champions Channel match up.

    An issue where gamers could control the actual goalkeeper in FUT Single Player settings.

    Changed Matches Leftover to Attempts Leftover in FUT Champs Daily Knockout Tournament.

    Changed the Possible Points text within Squad Battles in order to Projected Match Points.

    Updated loan player portraits in the EASFC Catalogue.

    Visual enhancements to some FUT product types.

    Addressed the following in Gameplay:

    Tuned goalkeeper reactions in some situations.

    Tuned down the difficulty for Amateur and Semi-Pro difficulties.

    Reduced shot accuracy and slightly improved goalkeeper reaction occasions in certain in-game situations.

    Added the following in The Journey Hunter Earnings:

    Icons in movie scenes to indicate the actual user-triggered action.

    Brought on actions are: Character, FIFA 17 Result, Match Result, Key Decision, Player Performance, Team Performance, Partnership Rating

    Addressed the following in The Journey Seeker Returns:

    An issue in which the player could accident during a cinematic within Chapter 5.

    Added the following in Career Mode:

    Added option to delegate contract renewals.

    Allow users in order to renegotiate contract having a player whose launch clause has been compensated.

    Addressed the following within Career Mode:

    An issue where users could use a loaned player as part of a move deal.

    An issue wherever Breaking News weren't getting refreshed.

    Addressed the following in Online Modes:

    An issue within Pro Clubs in which a player could return to an invisible fifa ultimate Team 18 coins lobby following a match.

    Enabled the actual opponent indicators within online matches.

    Enhancements were made to the actual kit clashing reasoning.

    Audio / Visual / Presentation Modifications:

    Adding this season’s authentic Bundesliga transmit package.

    Addressed multiple minor audio problems.

    Improvements to the objective net animations.