Dimension of the Damned

  • For the next update we are going to going back to the polls.

    You told all of us you wanted to see more unique video game modes following on from the Deadman Setting that's proved a favourite in Old School, and the experimental DarkScape that we tried a few years ago. The poll saw global missions and PvM survival modes come out on the top, so we've used that as inspiration and developed some thing called Dimension from the Damned.

    Available to each free-to-play and members, this new cooperative game mode will see you controlling a special maxed out edition of your character in a version of the globe where everyone is lifeless.

    Taking place in the totally free areas, you'll find your self based in Falador in a Buy Runescape 3 Gold dark, ominous parallel universe, where beyond the city walls zombies spawn everywhere.

    You will need to defend yourself through these abominations, collect the raw materials you have to kit yourself out in the best equipment you can muster, with assorted zombie types, such as boss monsters designed for fights with up to 10 people, plaguing your every stage.

    You can use barricades to safeguard you and your friends while skilling, and even use them to sadness your fellow zombie hunters.

    You can get energy ups and distinctive equipment from these types of bosses, racking up factors as you kill your own enemies.

    These factors can be used to buy loot boxes from Falador, and the players with the highest points generate a special invitation towards the unique endgame.

    This 2 hour endgame, taking place on the last weekend of Dimension of the Damned which is planned to happen in October this year, includes a permadeath mode and a freshly wiped score.

    Players with the cheapest scores are eliminated over time, the world growing smaller and smaller sized more enemies spawning, until finally, one player will remain, earning unique prizes by the end.

    It's designed to become new-player friendly with all accounts at maximum level, so it's time for you to RS Gold for Sale team up with all those low-level buds – especially since the up-date is totally free!

    In fact , we've got the perfect up-date if its group gameplay you're after.