Path of Exile’s Brand new MTX System Is Fantastic

  • If you follow Route of Exile, you are probably aware that this new Microtransaction (MTX) system has been coming for a while. It was announced, then released, after that very quickly removed. The brand new system has had plenty of issues, to say minimal, and the rework is something that Path associated with Exile has desperately needed for quite a while. The last MTX management program was absolutely abysmal, and prevented you from moving or sorting items efficiently. In addition everything you equipped had been bound to the item–in other words, an MTX helmet might bind to a physical helmet, which intended that when you required the real helmet away, your MTX might go with it. This led to a lot of missing (or entirely lost) MTX, which was a huge hassle for everyone.

    But now, the new system continues to be launched (again), as well as it’s absolutely beautiful. At this point, it’s been up for half each day or so with no problems, and we’re hoping it stays that way. Every part of the old system has been rehauled, and honestly, Grinding Gear Games did a magnificent job.

    Route of Exile’s Old MTX System

    The actual MTX system had been atrociously organized. Products simply went into the stash in the order you bought them, and you also couldn’t move them around manually. The only way to change the order was to provide them, create a brand new space by equipping something else, and then unequipping the first item. Time intensive, difficult, and irritating. Also, every item was a different size, just like normal buy poe items items. The skills were just a one by one square, while most armour was two by two or more. This meant that your MTX inventory would usually have a bunch of awkwardly positioned items. The USER INTERFACE was terrible, and a game about collecting and organizing massive collections of loot, the inability to arrange your own stash was incredibly frustrating.

    All of these issues only got even worse when you started relocating onto the second or even further pages. Finding the items you wanted was a huge hassle with the old program.

    Fixing MTX Business

    The new system has completely eliminated all those issues. Right off the bat, there is no box inventory program. Items don’t have sizes, they are simply under categories. You still can’t move items around, but now, you don’t have to. The things are sorted in two different ways. Very first, they can be sorted with what type of item they are. The helmets tend to be together, the boots are together, and so on They’re neatly organized, and you can minimize any category you want, that is useful for comparing items or simply admiring your own collection.

    Alternatively, searching by set kind. For example , all of the Arcane skills end up in exactly the same category. It’s worth noting that each shield set does NOT have its very own category–as you can see, all of the Atlas of Worlds supporter armor seems under the same category.

    Grinding Gear Games have also added a search feature, which I couldn’t be happier about. With the reworked MTX system, you can easily search for a specific item or armor arranged. In the screenshot below, you can see that a simple search for “Eclipse” will show the entire Eclipse armor set. Easy, easy, and idiot-proof. You’re also in a position to sort items as you search.

    New MTX Armor Tab

    You might’ve noticed in the screenshots that there’s an entirely new shield tab reserved solely for MTX items. Note that you can easily change between this as well as your normal armor with the buttons at the top correct and left (“inventory” and “cosmetics”). This window lets you easily see what you have on your character as well as remove it if you’d like. Personally, We find this very useful as I often miss a cosmetic as well as don’t notice for a couple hours. This even shows a listing of all the MTX skills you’ve got near the bottom of the USER INTERFACE.

    However , this menus isn’t the only way to remove your equipped gear. If you have an item that another character is using, it will show up as “in use. ” Clicking on it opens a dialogue box which lets you “reclaim MTX. ” It is going to tell you what personality is currently wearing it, and offer to unequip it for you. This can be a massive change, as well as makes swapping MTX between characters much easier. I often don’t wear any MTX on characters I am fooling around upon, because I know I will forget to remove a few of it. With the brand new system, it’s much easier to rock your own MTX on any character you want. Basically forget to take things off, I don’t need to login and shift the items around if I want to use it on the different character. This is easily one of the best quality-of-life improvements that the brand new system brings to the tabe.

    Mystery Package

    The Mystery Package screen also got a rework. Formerly, opening Mystery Boxes was extremely lackluster, and sometimes you can barely even inform what you got. Right now when you go to open them, a new window Buy Path Of Exile items pops up, and it not only appears good, but is apparent, concise, and has all the information you’re looking for. Once you open a box, you’ll see the item above it, as well as its name. In addition, you don’t need to leave the screen if you want to open a batch of Secret Boxes–simply clicking the “open” button again will suffice.

    These types of changes have been coming for a long time, and now that they’ve arrived, you can rest assured knowing that they were worth the wait. The actual increased ease-of-use implies that I’m going to become using the MTX program a lot more, and, Grinding Gear Games ought to be proud of the enhancements they’ve made.