Path of Exile: The Best Community Tools

  • Path of Exile’s achievement, in many ways, depends entirely on the strength from the community. Having a big and passionate playerbase is entirely necessary for certain parts of the game to function properly, particularly trading. More importantly, the community has created a wealth associated with third-party tools which fill certain spaces left by the developers over at Grinding Gear Games. There are tools for trading, build planning, price examining, daily instances, and, of course , guides. Town is the reason that Path of Exile is so successful, and the 1 that’s formed around the game since it was launched in 2013 is actually nothing short of remarkable.


    I’ve talked about the fact that Path associated with Exile uses exterior sites to trade in another article. However , I don’t believe I spent plenty of time mentioning just how amazing the existence of these sites is actually. The fact that the community set up such an efficient indexer is nothing lacking amazing. Poe. trade is the most useful device that any Path player will ever use, and it allows buying and selling easily. Let’s take a look at the other websites that work alongside this.

    First off, poe. trade is not the only trading site out there. Since anyone can entry to Path’s API, and any site could offer the same services. While poe. trade has a vast majority associated with players using it, which doesn’t mean that others haven’t tried. Poeapp. com has also done it, and has a nice layout for users. I mention this because competition and community adaptation isn’t just healthy, but benefits the community as a whole. We use the tools that are the best, and support our own, which is great.

    The fact that the API is open and easily utilized also means that some other tools have popped up. The first is a price trend site. Poe. ninja allows users to check the prices associated with items over the past week. They show this for each item as well, allowing you to see which items are increasing or fall. It’s basically a massive Path of Exile stock exchange. The only downside is that it’s not entirely accurate, due to the method trading works within game. They can notice what items are listed for exactly what price, and when they are removed. However , they can not see how much they were sold for, or even if they were actually sold at all. Therefore Path Of Exile items take it with a feed of salt, but it’s still extremely useful. Particularly to get more common items, where outliers won’t impact the final results.

    The final trading service I’d like to talk about is the trade macro. It’s the downloadable tool that you use in game. As soon as you’ve downloaded this, you hover more than items and strike a sequence to bring up the macro. The actual macro will use the API very similar to poe. ninja, and try to tell you the price of your item. As I said, this is extremely good for getting a base idea of the worth of items. Keep in mind that there will be quite a bit of variance on stats or simply time of day.

    Build Planning

    The third-party tools for build planning have adapted considerably over the past year. Path of Exile does have a build advisor built into the site. However , it doesn’t provide the user much info, and it is quite clunky to use. This motivated members of the community to make their own creating tools. Online and offline tools have been created over the past couple many years, and one tool survives in each group today.

    Poeplanner. com is the largest and most well-established online build planner for Path of Exile. It gives players quite a bit of information, and allows you to import your existing builds easily. Simply follow the link provided to you on the page, and it’ll appear on the site immediately. The actual straightforward simplicity from the system makes it an incredibly convenient way to map out your build, and you can keep it open within the Steam browser with regard to easy reference while you play. PoE Planner has an uncluttered interface, and the ease of employing this tool is probably its biggest selling feature.

    The offline contractor, however , is in an entirely different league. Path of Building was released a few months ago, and it might be the most in-depth tool ever made for Path associated with Exile. It’s the build planner, like the others, but it adopts every detail. One thing which Path of Exile struggles with is actually properly representing the quantity of damage each ability does. Damage with time, for example , isn’t a part of tool tips. None are a host associated with other abilities, most of which use awkward computations to determine the final damage output. In-game device tips are pretty much only useful for actual physical builds that don’t have any side bonuses.

    Enter Path of Building. The programmers use every formula imaginable to correctly calculate your damage with any group of skills. You can mix skills, use damage over time, and examine different pieces of equipment. Don’t have the equipment yourself? Make a virtual item in the device to see whether it might be a good fit for your build. Path of Building can properly calculate a thousand things that the in game tools don’t display. It’s perfect for figuring out where to go in your tree or even whether you should buy a particular item. The only downside is that Path of Building can be difficult to obtain used to. Importing and manipulating the stats takes a bit of practice, and it’s not nearly as uncomplicated as PoE Planner. However , once you have learned how to get around the system, Path of Building will be your best buddy.

    Community Collaboration

    The truth that we need all of these exterior sources to play Path of Exile efficiently isn’t great. However , the community has increased to the occasion within spectacular form. Path of Exile has a better community compared to almost any other game available. Collaboration is the key in order to success, and the community helps each other. It’s a refreshing change of pace through the anger that dominates the modern world of competing mulitplayer game. I don’t expect this part of the game to change whenever soon, and PoE’s developers are, it seems, quite happy with the level of enthusiasm that’s been the driving force behind this third-party involvement.