Path of Exile: Drop of Oriath – A Quick Walkthrough With regard

  • Fall of Oriath has revealed a lot of new content for Path of Exile. While you might have been familiar with where to go as well as what to do before, you may be confused this time around.

    In this walkthrough we'll quickly go over the major things need to do to progress through Acts 5 in order to 8.

    Act five

    Access Act five thru the right side of Oyun/Dialla.

    Progress thru the Excursion, cross the area thru the link in the center.

    There's a short narrow alley in the top right(? ) corner to access the upper part of the chart.

    Click on the device as well as enter the Slave Writing instruments.

    *Zone goes clockwise, through the bottom part from the map.

    Progress thru the zone, eliminate the Overseer Krow. A ladder will drop nearby Movie director on the well-lit wall.

    Go into town as well as turn in the quest for a rare ring.

    Go into the Control Blocks. Search for 'Experimental Supplies-Miasmeter' in the zone for 1 passive skill point. (top remaining part)

    Kill Justicar Casticus(top right from the map) for Eye of Zeal, pick that up as well as head up to discover the mechanical doors leading to Oriath Square.

    Get Oriath Square waypoint and port back to town.

    Take your passive skill point through Vilenta, Quicksilver/Stibnite flask from Lani.

    Waypoint to Oriath Square.

    · · Progress thru O. Square (Hug the remaining wall) to Templar Courts(hug the remaining wall/clockwise) to Chamber of Innocence(Go thru the zone counter-clockwise).

    · · Kill Innocence.

    · · After killing him, exit thru the best door and talk to Bannon.

    · · Quest reward is a Threshold jewel.

    · · Enter the Torched Courts and Buy Path Of Exile items progress thru the zone. (Hug the right wall/counter-clockwise)

    · · Enter the Ruined Square, mind up to go to the Ossuary.

    · · Get the Sign of Purity in the Ossuary.

    · · Head back to Ruined Square.

    · · -The Cathedral rooftops is located on the left in a straight path, if you hug the top wall you'll eventually reach it.

    · · Don't access it however though, there's a skillpoint quest nearby within the reliquary.

    · · continue going into the Southern part of Destroyed Square until you reach the Reliquary.

    · · *Utula (side quest) can be skipped unless you need

    · -Poachers Aim/Warlords Reach/Assassins Haste unique jewel reward, he's near the bottom middle from the Ruined Square if you want to kill him.

    Enter the Reliquary. Collect all the artifacts, in each of the corners of the chart.

    Waypoint back to town and turn it in for 1 skillpoint + 2 respec points.

    Now it's time to eliminate Kitava.

    Make sure you've done all your needed quests/normal Lab. (-30% Res penalty kicks in after killing him. )

    Waypoint back to Ruined Square and make your way towards the Cathedral Rooftops.

    Make your way straight thru to the end from the zone and get into his arena.

    Place the Sign of Wholesomeness to activate the boss fight. Good luck.

    Act 6

    Talk to Lilly Roth in order to sail back to Wraeclast.

    Go down and full clear the The twilight series Strand.

    Talk to Lilly for 2 respec points and to access ALMOST ALL skillgems in the game.

    The actual Coast, grab the waypoint. (Skip it if you are res assigned / don't require stats) Go down to Tidal Island, grab the Manuscript and transform it in for a rare belt/amulet.

    Enter Mud Flats.

    Hug the bottom part of the zone as well as kill the unique Kaom Sister.

    Pick up the attention of Conquest and look for Nessa; where Immersed Passage used to be.

    Embrace the left wall and enter the Karui Fortress.

    Go up as well as kill Tukohama within the arena.

    Exit thru the opposite end as well as enter the Ridge up north.

    Waypoint back to town and get one passive skill stage from Tarkleigh.

    Waypoint to Ridge as well as progress thru the zone.

    Enter Reduced Prison.

    *There's the Cruel Lab demo in this zone.

    Make your way thru Reduced Prison and get into Shavronne's Tower.

    Get into Prison Rooftop as well as Kill Mega-Brutus. (Tarkleigh reward: Rare 4linked helm)

    Exit thru the Warden's Chamber below.

    Enter Prisoner's Gate (skillpoint quest+ Pantheon power through killing Aberraths in this zone. Skip for the time being, come back later. )

    Go straight thru to the end from the road to access Traditional western Forest.

    Follow the street once again in Traditional western Forest and get into Riverways.

    *Wetlands side area in Riverways (another skillpoint quest+pantheon from killing Puppet Mistress. Skip for the time being, come back later)

    Follow the road once again in Riverways until you strike the end, then go top right into Southern Forest.

    Make your way thru Southern Woodland, enter Cavern of Anger.

    Pick up the Black Flag through the chest, and then make your way thru the zone.

    Enter the Beacon. Activate the two fuel buggies and light the Beacon.

    Click the Beacon again to burn the flag.

    Talk to Weylam Roth within the shore behind as well as sail to the Brine King's Reef.

    Embrace the bottom right shore and enter the Brine King's arena.

    Kill the Brine Cal . king.

    Talk to Weylam Roth, and then sail to Act 7.

    Act 7

    Enter Broken Bridge.

    Locate the Dirty Lockbox for quest item in one of the damaged castle ruins. (quest reward: Pick Basalt/Diamond/Jade/Quartz/Granite Flask)

    Follow the end of the road as well as enter Crossroads.

    Label the Crossroads waypoint, head down into Fellshrine Ruins> Fellshrine Crypt.

    *Cruel Lab demo in this zone.

    Find Container of Sins in Fellshrine Crypt and pick up Maligaro's Map. Portal out.

    Waypoint back to Crossroads and head north into Chamber of Sins. *You can't go down to Sins lv 2 yet.

    Find Silk in Chamber of Sins, talk to him and put Maligaro's Map into the chart device.

    Find as well as Kill Maligaro. He drops the Dark Venom.

    Port from map and give it to Silk to get the Obsidian Key.

    Port back to town and talk to Helena to receive 4L rare boot quest reward.

    Now, make your way to Chamber of Sins Lv 2 .


    *There's a cruel lab trial at the southern of the zone.

    After that, make your way as much as where Fidelitas usually is, and go to the blank alley space.

    Access the Den thru the key passage.

    Make your way thru the Den and enter Ashen Fields.

    Head bottom left into Greust's arena. Kill him and use the north exit to Get into Northern Forest.

    Port back to town to seize a passive skillpoint from Eramir. Talk to Helena to receive Greust's necklace.

    Waypoint in order to Northern Forest as well as head up to placed the necklace into the Shrine. (reward: rare amulet)

    Head south from the Shrine, and embrace the left wall.

    Enter Dread Thicket

    Find all the fireflies in this zone. (Skillpoint+pantheon power in this zone, but skip it for now, come back later)

    Get out of this zone and progress towards the Causeway.

    Make your way thru this zone, and pick up Kishara's star from the Lockbox near the end from the zone. (1 passive point+2respec points)

    Get into Vaal City.

    Find Yeena in the center of the map and unlock the Temple of Decay.

    Progress all the way down thru the zones and enter the arena.

    Kill Arakaali.

    Enter Sarn Ramparts, into Act 8

    Act 8

    Exact same layout as Ramparts map, except absolutely no bosses; Enter the town.

    Enter the Toxic Conduits and make your way thru the zone (bottom right-ish? ).

    Get into Doedre's Cesspool (bottom right again? ).

    Kill Doedre.

    Leave the arena thru the sewer store. Waypoint back to town to turn in quest reward(rare 2stone ring/unset ring)

    At Poisonous Conduits, there's a split path now. Lunaris on the left, Solaris on the right.

    Do Solaris first.

    Mind right to enter The Quay.

    *In the Quay map, there are multiple outward cheap poe items extensions of planks.

    *We need to find the Sealed Casket around 1/3 from the way into the chart.

    *Give the quest item to Clarissa who is hidden in a side arena 2/3 of the way in to the map.

    Kill zombies (1 skillpoint two respec points).

    Progress thru the zone and enter The Grain Gate > > > much like Warehouse District (follow the dead bodies)

    · Find as well as kill the Gemling Legionnaires pack- quest reward for one passive skill stage

    · Keep progressing and enter The Imperial Fields.

    · Embrace the right wall as well as enter Solaris Temple.

    · Progress thru the zone (identical layout as A3 Solaris)

    · Kill Dawn and get the Sun Orb.

    · Waypoint back to Poisonous Conduits and mind left to the Grand Promenade.

    · Embrace the upper left wall at the start of the zone. Layout identical in order to Promenade map.

    · Enter the Bath Home. Head top directly to kill Hector Titicius for Wings of Vastiri side quest. (reward = Conqueror's unique jewel)

    · Head into far right corner of the chart and enter Ebony Barracks.

    · *Merciless Lab trial in this zone.

    · *High Gardens is also within the top left of this map, Yugul skillpoint+Pantheon Power (skip if you are undergeared/underleveled)

    · Mind north up the stairs and Enter Lunaris Temple.

    · Progress thru the zone (identical layout as A3 Lunaris, just nicer colours)

    · Kill Dusk as well as pick up the Moon Orb.

    · Head to Ebony Barracks, mind south into Harbour Bridge.

    · Head to the middle of the zone, enter the arena.

    · Kill Lunaris as well as Solaris.

    · Continue to Act 9 (to be continued).