Buckley: The Thunder played not diversified

  • Just ended a regular season, the Thunder 94-102 lost to NBA Live Mobile Coins the Nuggets. After losing the game, the Thunder on the Western Conference team record is 6 wars. They currently 4 wins and 7 losses ranked 12th in the west.

    After the game, TNT commentary team talked about the recent Thunder team situation.

    Ernie Johnson said: "The Thunder Big Three each night scored 20 points, their defense is the league's top, but why they lost seven games?"

    NBA star Charles Barkley then said: "They played not enough diversity.The Big Three can score, but they can not be like, oh, I did not score, then I go defensively, to rebound.It's just in Step by step, they only shot when they turn their own. Oh, to your shot, to your shot ... ... you can not play that when you are in the vacancy is the shot, but they need to have a dominant People. "