Italian media talk blue army missed the World Cup

  • Italy in the San Siro stadium wild attack, but ultimately failed to FIFA 18 Coins  break the door of the Swedish team, eventually, Italy also lost the qualifications to qualify for the World Cup, the Blue Army once again missed the World Cup after 59 years. Italy's three major sports media, "Turin Sports Daily", "Gazzetta dello Sport" and "Rome Sports Daily" also made their own views.
    "Turin Sports Daily": "San Siro stadium was cursed 0-0, Italy lost the World Cup qualification."
    "Rome Sports Daily": "A few months later, we will watch others play at home to the World Cup, 60 years later, we failed again, this is an unbearable Italian football humiliation, in our home, we did not get involved Ming Summer World Cup qualifications .17 years ago, we lost in the European Cup final, Zoff resign, 3 years ago, Prandelli World Cup group match is not qualifying, sadly left the team. Italy missed the World Cup? La, Italy players, Football Association executives, the lack of youth training?
    "Gazzetta de Sports": "We have a waste of opportunities, did not score a goal in 180 minutes, the Swedes went to the Russian World Cup, the referee did not give us a penalty, but we owe each other two."