Mane Solank has great potential

  • Liverpool winger Sadio Mane is excited about the potential shown FIFA 18 Coins by teammate Dominique Solanke. Liverpool beat Stoke 3-0 this Wednesday, the 20-year-old young striker played for the first time in the English Premier League.

    Sorazek had been called by the England national team earlier this month, and in the game it was one of his very smart passes that made his first goal, and Sojourn's full contribution Left a deep impression on the horse.

    Manet told the Liverpool Echo that "I think Sohnke did a good job and he sent a great shot to help me score the first goal he was still young but he was at the club The first few months have improved a lot. "

    "I was really happy for him to get the chance and I would do my best to help him and I know he will get better and better."

    After a break with Chelsea, Manet returned to the starting lineup against Stoke, who also calmly completed his first Premier League goal since August. Mane said: "It was very special for me to score another goal in the Premier League, but the most important thing is that the goal has helped the team win."