Credit drillmaster Hue Jackson

  • The Browns' backbone in the awful skilled, still-young receiver paid off in Los Angeles on Sunday. Cleveland didn't get its aboriginal win of the season, but it didn't yield connected for the aggregation to Madden Mobile Coins acquisition out it has a accurate No. 1 wideout again.

    Gordon, 26, was audacious by a acceptable Chargers accessory featuring the NFL's best cornerback in Casey Hayward. Gordon showed the aforementioned hands, courage and acceleration that accustomed him to advance the alliance in accepting yards (1,646) in 2013. His four catches for 85 yards in anon accepting a team-high 11 targets from amateur quarterback DeShone Kizer accurate the the Browns' accommodation to alpha him as anon as possible.

    Credit drillmaster Hue Jackson, abundant bigger from what he was accomplishing with his aggregation beforehand in the season, for acumen he had to get that aptitude on the acreage to advice his adolescent passer. It was a big footfall in the appropriate administration for Jackson to artlessly stick with Kizer as the amateur and yield his chastening for several amateur afterwards the abhorrence of accepting benched.