FIFA 18 promises to be no different

  • FIFA 18 Predictions: most expensive U-21 players in career mode
    FIFA has showcased some of the brightest young talents in International football over the years and cheap fifa 18 coins promises to be no different. With the price tags getting steeper every year, under 21 players are kept a keen eye on by top managers around the world.
    FIFA 18 is bound to have at least a fourth of its game stocked with youngsters below the age of 21 and some of these players have made a big impression on the biggest stages in soccer.
    With the game releasing soon, fut 18 coins is bound to include the top under-21 footballers and Prime Time Sport’s list of most expensive players in this category could go a long way in revealing which players come with a stiff price tag on them. Here are the likely 5 most expensive U-21 players in FIFA 18.