Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath expansion add six acts

  • Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath expansion add six acts and a whole lot of deicide
    Ten minutes into Path of Exile and I'm throwing ice magic at a god. He seems unimpressed, tossing back orbs and bolts of crackling energy that can kill me in one or two hits. Then he brings towering statues to life and they lumber after me personally, swinging giant swords that I dodge in a half panic.
    Luckily I have an ace in the hole: a totem I can place that aggros the boss and his mobs, giving me a few seconds to glance at my health, pop some healing and mana flasks, as well as lay on the damage. Ice flies from my hands as fast as I can clickclickclickclick. When the boss goes into full-on bullet hell mode, I could hide behind one of the immobilized statues for a couple key seconds of safety. I finally land the killing blow… to his first form.Path Of Exile items V Avarius becomes Innocence, and my hands start sweating.
    This was a hell of an introduction to Path of Exile, but according to lead programmer Jonathan Rogers, Avarius is something like the fifth or sixth most impressive and elaborate boss of The Fall of Oriath, Route of Exile's new expansion. There are 24 new boss battles, and most of them are gods, which ties into the expansion's biggest gameplay addition, the Pantheon system. Put simply, as you slay your way through the gods and demigods of Path associated with Exile, you'll earn a new buff through each that can be equipped in the new Pantheon menu. Buy Path Of Exile items It's essentially a mural of all the gods you've murdered in The Fall regarding Oriath.
    If you're in to fantasy game lore, I can't think of a better treatment of gods than a painting that reminds you of your deicide every time you equip a new power.