The Journey Season 2 in FIFA 18 to be bigger and better

  • FIFA eighteen will have the popular “The Journey” back this year for a new season. EA’s decision to introduce The Journey in FIFA 17 proved to be a massive hit as it became the top-selling console game of 2016. FIFA 17 is also on course to become Electronic Arts’ best-selling cheap fifa 18 coins game of all time.
    Building on the success of FIFA 17 which has much to do with the introduction of The actual Journey series, the publishers have decided to bring a new and improved version of the video game mode.
    The Journey is a game mode where we can guide a fictional player from promising beginnings to international stardom with the biggest of clubs. Alex Hunter is the protagonist of The Trip in FIFA seventeen, where the console player must lead his career from the Under-11s to the absolute elite of the Premier League.
    With The Journey slated to return with new characters and brand new storylines, FIFA 20 promises to be another must-have console online game. There will be more than one Alex Hunter to play as in The Journey Season 2, cheap fut 18 coins and for those who have been bored associated with playing the Hunter story over and over again, they will have newer plots to explore and more narratives in the new season.