Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks

  • Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks. Although the Seahawks last season to the playoffs in the first division, but with the Cardinals two clashes did not account for the cheap, the first to 6-6 draw, and the second is based on 31 -34 loss to the Cardinals team. This season with the rise of Madden Mobile Coins the Los Angeles Rams, everyone seems to ignore the Cardinals. The Cardinals, 4-4, have not left behind in the division, but they have won only the 49ers, the Bulls and the Colts. It can be said that the game facing the Seahawks is the real test of their fineness. The Seahawks eventually showed more strength to beat the Cardinals 22-16. Seahawks quarterback Russell - Wilson 32 pass 22, 238 yards, 2 touchdowns. Cardinals quarterback Drew - Stanton 47 pass 24, 273 yards, 1 touchdown.

    After the game began, the same rival in the district started a big melee. Seahawks did not win the first two consecutive attacks, while the Cardinals veteran Adrian Peterson first run ball appeared off the ball, but also facing the Seahawks Megatron alliance "whistling Legion "is even more useless. Seahawks relied on the ball to promote the Reds team's red zone. Near-end forward Jimmy - Graham relying on their strong physical abilities in the other security head completed touchdowns, 7-0. The Seahawks played well today, limiting the Cardinals to run Adrian Peterson, but the Seahawks have been fouled this season with a series of fouls sending the cardinals into the Redhawks.