Although football is a very passionate

  • Although football is a very passionate, bloody sport, but such a big fight is really rare. Crabbrot Lane a lot of enemies in this game, Mustang another cornerback little Chris - Harris also stand up and teammates Talibu "We ran from Denver to Oakland is to play, but Crabbutte simply He did not fight well until he had a fight, and I had not counted him before with my elbow. "After the offensive, Harris left his teammate's" cover " Screaming at the raider's field, screaming and signaling his bruised groin.

    Talib with the crab tree's grudge for a long time, two confrontation in the two teams last season, the two look at each other is not pleasing to the eye. Talib also broke a gold necklace from the neck of a crab tree during a clash. Today, Talib appears to Buy Madden 18 Coins have broken another necklace.