Worst rated card on FIFA 18

  • Poor old Max Wright – he’s been the worst player on Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins both FIFA 17 and FIFA 18.

    Although he’s got a decent 70 pace, his 33 shooting makes him almost useless in front of goal.

    His 39 passing and 47 dribbling don’t do much for his attacking prowess either!

    Interestingly, although he’s an attacking player, his defending stats are higher than his capturing score… bizarre!

    Youngest player on FUT

    We didn’t think it was possible to have players under the age of 18 on the game, but we were wrong.

    Nikolai Baden Frederiksen, a striker from Norway, is just seventeen years old – and is officially the youngest player in the game.

    He’s 55 rated with 69 pace and 55 shooting. Hopefully his stats will improve with age.

    Player with two clubs

    This one is a bit weird as EA hasn’t brought out any summer buy fut 18 coins transfers.

    Mutaeb Sharahili may have been transferred right at the last minute but it seems as though EA forgot to delete one of his cards.

    The Saudi Arabian goalkeeper currently plays for Al-Raed after leaving Al-Nassr earlier in the year.