• Xbox One users (especially those in North America) woke up to a new FIFA 18 patch on Tuesday.

    While some are probably still hoping for further tweaks to continue progressing the game -- and don't worry; Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins we have a strong feeling the FUT product team will spackle and dry-wall more in this title by year's end than you've probably ever seen them do to get the game to its best possible state -- this update, which is XB1 specific, seems to target, well, a pretty particular glitch.

    Yours truly experienced it during the very first week of Daily Knockout Tournaments/Weekend League qualifying -- and it's a wild one:

    The patch notes above would seem to suggest this is one and the same, and to be honest, the workflow described is more or less how I achieved it. Essentially I'd been playing DKT streaming Xbox 360 One through my PC on my LAN. There was a bit too much WiFi involved (which, TMYK, you should really try to eliminate if you care about things like disconnects in FIFA), so I decided to switch back directly to console. But in doing so, somehow by having had my controller pared prior with my PC, the console assumed it was some kind of secondary configuration. Credit to whatever setting that AI was on -- it equalized at 1-1 before the trying to regain control at halftime caused the game to crash back to the dashboard.

    PS4 and PC users feeling they've been neglected: don't. If there isn't a title update for those, cheap fifa 18 coins the bug likely didn't impact those.

    And everyone rushing to grab their pitch forks because of the latest group think social media meme about gameplay or your own personal frustration with not being able to get to a certain preconceived performance threshold, realistic or otherwise: hold your horses. As mentioned, title up-date four will probably be here before you know it. And if it doesn't offer what you're looking for, update five likely won't be far behind it.