For the game within New Zealand

  • I will be back in the office on Monday May eighth refreshed and ready to press more updates your way! This week we roll out our first monthly patch. This patch will the first of many to address overall performance, fix bugs as well as add new content material to the game. I have to stress that we will never be able to fix almost all performance issues with just one patch. For this plot, we focused on stabilizing performance for all users, trying to ensure there would be less FPS drops, and improve overall performance for those with reduced spec systems. Optimizing the game will take us time, and will carry on all through early accessibility, so please have patience while we work to improve the game experience for all players.

    We have been opening a Test Machine to better manage our own updates and ensure stability before we press updates to the Reside Servers. We will press each new update to this server on the Wednesday of the week, to allow a full times testing before updating the live machines. We will have the exact time you should expect this server to be online tomorrow, Pubg skins so stay tuned to our Tweet! We are aware that some of you are experiencing what appear to be memory leaks, and we will work on fixing this to come, but over the last month, we have been concentrating on improving the performance with regard to min spec techniques, and stabilizing FPS for everyone no matter what their PC specs. We have been still a relativity small team, so we must focus on one problem at a time right now. We are working to expand the team, but finding the right people with appropriate experience and capabilities takes time, so please bear with us. Next I need to tackle a slight price modify for the game within New Zealand. We have been seeing some abnormal patterns within our New Zealand product sales.

    It turns out that due to the comparatively low price within New Zealand (roughly US$25) and the fact that gifting from Brand new Zealand to other countries is not really restricted the same as it is for other nations like China, The ussr and Brazil, people seem to be exploiting the device. We have slightly raised the price to US$28 to combat this particular. I also want to tackle server lag once more. The lag you experience on the servers is not really due to the hardware or size of the machine, nor does it have related to the number of players online. It is due to a social networking issue with the core engine code, and it is something we are working hard to resolve, but it is not really a simple issue to correct, so it will take us some time. Please endure with us and we will have it fixed as soon as we are able to