Solak is coming out several months later

  • In RuneFest 2017, Mod Tag exposed that certain from the most difficult manager -- Solak is being released a few months later on. Solak is going to be among the most powerful employers in-game, in order to battle with this particular beast, the group associated with 7 gamers tend to be suggested. This particular fight is going to be crazy, needing the very best group function as well as skill because Raids, needing a totally various method of manager battling.

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    Solak is really a massive Protector of Guthix that is tasked to protect the actual Dropped Grove through people who would like the energy. Throughout the second Age , Seren delivered several top notch elf players to assist in the job, along with betrayal resulting in among those elves becoming ingested through Solak and also the tropical isle evaporating in to the mists of your time. 4 age groups possess handed down because which fateful battle, along with Solak right now each protector as well as turned elf nature. Your work would be to divided which contagious, psychological parasite and recover Solak.

    Solak is going to be executing new subwoofer attacks as opposed to the regular manager cost. Following a arranged amount of subwoofer attacks, this individual goes in order to their following stage, executing particular actions that needs to be halted -- developing within energy otherwise. You will end up fighting upward in to the cover, upon the actual woodland ground and round the large woods by itself, on gamers and Solak utilizing the atmosphere for their benefit throughout the battle.