Kaleidoscope of Color

  • Kaleidoscope of Color By: Lori Walker-Sartain

    Times have changed and so has the look and functionality of the kitchen. It has evolved from a small spaced workspace where children were not allowed to high tech wonderlands that are multifunctional, decorative and have family work centers. It is the heart of the home and today’s homeowners are now design savvy and want their favorite living areas to reflect their own personal style. COLOR IS BACK and industry trade professionals say a multi-color trend has hit the kitchen.

    Margaret Walch, Director of The Color Association of the U.S says, “Color moves in cycles and has a look. In the 1960’s bright colors were in, in the 70’s earth tones, black in the 80’s, monochromatic with a shot of color in the 90’s and today multi-color is in.” Walch believes the multi-color trend will last until 2010 or longer. “Psychology and the economy are the two most important influences that drive the color palette. We are living in very sober times economically and politically. Color makes you happier and more energetic.”

    Color can be added to a space by simply painting a single wall or by choosing color for decor. Numerous companies are staying ahead of the design curve and are offering products of color for the kitchen. Internationally known trend forecaster and Sr. Editor for the Trend Curve, Michelle Lamb says “Several appliance manufactures are offering colored appliances like Viking and LG. The LG navy appliances are a knockout.” Target is presently offering small color appliances. Colored and textured sinks and color counter tops are also available from specialty stores.

    Coral Roberts, Former V.P of CorStone Industries says that color and texture are amazing in the kitchen and a way that homeowners can dare to be different. Roberts says she has known color would make a huge comeback in the kitchen and her company has been staying ahead of the design curve. “Red and Black have been extremely popular in the past but colors like jade, champagne and textured graphite sinks are becoming our hot items. Our sinks are the perfect piece in the new eclectic kitchen.”

    In the 80’s the word eclectic meant having one item in a room stand out, today eclectic refers to individuality in the total design says Lamb of Trend Curve. “Today consumers are into individualized personalization and want to express themselves in their homes with color and design.

    One of the top Kitchen & Bath Designers, Lou Ann Bauer, ASID Interior Designer of California agrees “Color is back in the kitchen. Today one’s space reflects the personality of its owners. Color is a way a homeowner can express their personality.”

    Bauer’s kitchens are a kaleidoscope of colors. One of her favorite design touches, adding color to wood cabinets as an accent. “I have been adding aniline dyes on various woods for years.” Bauer’s motto: “Color, select one where no one dares to go.”

    So what colors will we see in 2007-2008? Walch says reds, pinks and jade greens; Bauer believes strong periwinkles, deep ochre and warm beiges and Michelle Lamb says teal in 2007 and navy in 2008.

    Move over stainless, color is shining through.

    Pictures provided by Kohler & Forastyle.au:

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