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    chemise lingerie PH From left: Basque, £35 Briefs, £13; Kimono, £62

    Wow! Myleene looks a million Plus size garter belt dollars in her racy new lingerie collection, available from Myleene, 37, is currently single but we’re sure she has a fair few admirers! And the musician turned businesswoman admits she’s enjoying the dating scene.

    “Make sure skater dress you feel fabulous in your lingerie” Myleene Klass

    “I’ve been having a great time,” srtwhg2ge she says. “I’m really enjoying my life.

    But now I don’t feel I have Plus size garter belt to save anybody; I can actually find someone who wants to just mooch through life like me, and be nice. “Honestly, that’s enough for me!”

    PH skater dress Bra, £20 Briefs, £13 Suspender Belt, £15

    She adds, “It has to be a pretty amazing guy to walk in and feel confident enough to find his place in my life though. “I have it all running. Any single mum will tell you the same – you have to have it under control. Me and my girls built a shelf for the bathroom together the other day.

    They need to know how. I don’t want them to ever feel helpless.” “Being a mum is the hardest job I’ve had in my entire life,” says Myleene, mum to Ava, eight, and Hero, four. “It’s the most fulfilling job, but also the most stressful because your audience is never satisfied!”

    Here, Myleene chats to TV Extra about confidence and the design process…

    PH Bra, £20 Briefs, £15

    How does this lingerie collection differ from your previous ones?

    For a start, it’s my largest collection to date. It’s continued to grow in size and now I have more luxurious lace PJs and dressing gowns, as well as my lingerie to choose from. What are your favourite pieces? It has to be the lace PJs as you can wear them out with a tuxedo jacket or even a denim shirt.

    Underwear-wise, I’m mad for anything with strapping detail on it.

    Has your attitude to lingerie changed since you started designing or has nice underwear always been important?

    I’ve always loved nice underwear but now I’m obsessed with it. I like to see how farI can push the designs, and my customers in turn certainly like to push me to be more daring.

    The items I initially thought might be a little risqué were snapped up super quick. I love that women are feeling confident and having fun with their choices. Sitting under a sea of lace, buckles, leather and strapping in many a design meeting is clearly worth it!

    What was important to you when designing this collection?

    That it’s brave, bold and unapologetic. It’s strong and stand-out. It’s feminine andfun. The kind of women who wear my underwear are definitely the kind I would want a night out with!

    What are your top tips for choosing lingerie?

    Make sure it fits you perfectly, as it willhold and support you. And make sure you feel fabulous in it. And for feeling confident in it? Stand tall. I’ve done the engineering andthe aesthetics, now you go out there and feel as amazing as you look.

    Is there anything lingerie-wise you tend to stay away from?

    Anything that looks like it will self-sabotage my outfit by being uncomfortable,unsupportive or flammable! What are the most important things a woman needs in her lingerie drawer? Options for any and all occasions.

    What do you want in your Christmas stocking this year?

    My red lace suspender belt to hold up my Xmas stockings and Leonardo DiCaprio!

    Shop Myleene’s new collection at Prices start at £13, Sizes 32B-38E, 8-18.