• Students will give their 100% efforts when doing research towards compilingan excellent dissertation. That notwithstanding, there are times when some minor slipups tend to sneak into the final draft of the research assignment. Below are some of the common mistakes which research academicians, dissertation consultants, and writers have pointed out as damaging while students write their dissertation papers.

    (a) Wrong Topic: A best dissertation writing help in us title should be simple and precise. Yet, a majority of dissertation writersmake the mistake of selecting long, complex and time-consuming topics.The topic must succinctly communicate what your research paper is all about without much struggle. Having a complex topic may lead you astray from the purpose and scope of your dissertation.

    (b)Weak Research: Another common error made by some research scholars is conducting a weak research. Proper research forms the pillar of any academic writing. A well written dissertation requires sufficient and reliable data to support the student's ideas. Failure to collect the correct information affects the credibility of the research document. For a strong and reliable research to be done, there needs to be proper planning, with a considerable amount of time allocated for the research.

    (c) Disjointed Structure. The sentences and paragraphs in the dissertation writing must accurately express your ideas effortlessly. This will make your paper easy to understand and attract the attention of the reader. Your introduction should connect the other sections of the writing. Avoid lengthy sentences and try to break them into shorter coherent parts. Any fact or argument presented must be logically elucidated and the reader should be able to make his own finding from the explanation.

    (d) Lack of proper citations:Dissertations comprise of researched information which belong to other authors. For this reason, citations must be included to acknowledge the ideas and concepts borrowed from others. Citation must not only be done; it must properly be done. Failure to do so amounts to plagiarism which takes eliminates the accuracy and credibility factors from the research paper. In addition, without providing the appropriate reference, the scholar tends to fashion a feeble research document.

    (e) Grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes:An excellent academic writing should be free from spelling and grammatical mistakes. Students at times neglect the editing and proofreading parts of their dissertations. Additionally, the expressed concepts must be accurately punctuated to communicate the ideas without distorting the meaning of the text. The presence of spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes reduces the substance of your work. Without eliminating these errors from the dissertation, you cannot attain excellent grades.

    (f) Incorrect format: Different universities have prescribed different dissertation formats. Formatting plays a critical role in the dissertation writing process.It is a grave mistake to ignore writing the dissertation using the format approved by aparticular university.

    These are just some of the common mistakes which are being committed bystudents all over the world. So, just keep the points in mindand you are definitely going to avoid committing the same while writing your dissertation.