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Wilderness Rejuvenation II Changes will be Released

  • January 28, 2018 5:55 AM CST

    Wilderness Rejuvenation II update will be available next week. Including The drops within the Revenant Cave,The Mage Arena 2,Revenant Caves Changes. This is a great update and you can buy CheapestRunescape 2007 Gold from us. 

    Drops Change in OSRS Revenant Caves
    You'll have noticed we had initially wanted to explore a redesign of the appearance of the Revenant NPCs and the work involved would consume approximately 7 weeks. Revenant Caves Changes Drop gp/hr rate Changes up to 2m GP per hour.
    1. The likelihood of landing on the normal loot table will be increased instead of coins.
    2. Some lesser valuable drops will be removed. 
    3. Quantities of regular loot will be increased too.
    4. A variety of weightings across the normal loot table will be fixed. 
    5. All “artificial” 100x drops will be taken out. 
    6. 16m, 8m and 4m Statuettes will be added to the special loot table, while the odds on the special loot table will be changed to be fit for this. 
    With all these changes, you will be supposed to gain about 2m/hr within the Revenant Caves. Meanwhile, if new unique rewards can be created according to players’ opinions, the Statuettes will be replaced in the future.

    I believe most players are very much looking forward to this update, before that you can buy Runescape 2007 Gold for sale from

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