Party Texas Style

  • Party Texas Style

    By:  Lori Walker Sartain



    It’s grilling time and a great way to start the summer season is with a Texas Style BBQ!  If there is one thing Texans know how to do, its BBQ and theme parties get everyone into a fun summertime mood. 


    My first tip, make it simple so you enjoy the party and can mingle with the crowd.  The planning mistake made by most is making the party too complicated.  An over planned party keeps you working during the entire BBQ.



    Decorations are easy to find, inexpensive and can turn a backyard into a Texas Corral.

    Cowboy hats are great favors and can also make great centerpieces.   They can be arranged on and around hay bales for décor.  If you have a saddle, use that on a hay bale for the cowboy look and hang a Cowboy hat on the horn.  If you decide to use them as a centerpiece, put clipped yellow rose buds around the bill and have one long stem yellow rose by each plate for the ladies to take home as a party gift.  Mini hats can also be used for name cards, giving the table a Texas flare.



    Red and White is a typical color theme as red checkered table cloths scream Texas!  Seating cards can also be made out of plastic Sheriff Badges by simply sticking a small card to the back of each badge.  Bandanas make great napkins or can be used on decorative “Cowboy” balloons.  Simply tie the bandana to the knot on the balloon and make a balloon arrangement for each table.  I found some great party favors and decorations at for a Texas Style BBQ.




    Music is also an important ingredient for a successful Texas Style BBQ.  Country music is a must and if you have the budget hire a great country duo or band.  Live music always adds to the element of fun, but make sure the band can play dancing music.  Dancing and Texas BBQ’s go hand in hand.  Something your guest will remember forever is line dancing.  Before your party, learn several line dances and teach them to two stepping music.  Here is a website with some great line dancing moves



    A Saloon style bar is eye catching at a Lone Star BBQ.  Beer is a common beverage at a Dodge City event and can be served in a tall pre-chilled glass or from a bottle iced down in a trough style bucket.  Lemonade is a great drink to serve for youngsters and you can turn it into an adult beverage by adding 2 ounces of rum, vodka, bourbon or tequila to your favorite lemonade recipe.  Add a slice of lemon for an extra twist of color. Lemonade looks great next to a bouquet of yellow roses and cowboy boot glasses are a clever way to serve your cocktails.



    Don’t forget the most important part of the BBQ, the menu.  Ribs and brisket are Texas favorites and slow cooking is a Texas pastime.  Texans often use Mesquite in there slow cookers for a rustic taste.  Easy sides include baked beans, slaw and Texas style toast.  Texans pride themselves as to having the best sauce, so have fun and create your own BBQ sauce for your meal.  To add a creative touch, put your sauce recipe on Texas decorated recipe cards and give them to all the cooks looking for a new way to spice up their dishes.  For drink and food recipes check out



    Games for your BBQ can include a cactus piñata for the kids with a bandana for a blindfold or adults can play a challenging game of horseshoes.  A Texas Hold ‘Em poker table for the men can also be exciting.  Instead of money, play with chips and the winner receives a special door prize at the end of the night.



    If your party is not under a covered deck, you may want to rent a party tent.  The summer weather can be unpredictable and nothing can ruin an outdoor BBQ like rain.  Also, if the party is at night make sure you have ample lighting for your guests.  No one likes to eat and visit in the dark.  Have your camera handy and take lots of photos.  I guarantee a boot kicking good time!!