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This is going to be hell to buy wow classic gold

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    November 16, 2020
    If you kill a boss in classic wow gold Naxx every 20 minutes, then that is 5-6 hours of raiding. The first couple of weeks, I don't think my guild will get stuck on any particular boss, but we're likely to run out of time till we've learned the fights.

    Back in the day there weren't many guilds able to attempt 4H. Many who killed them moved on to clear in a few weeks, but they were the bosses that motivated people to bother with planet fans. Surely everyone knew going in that they would take some FrR prep.

    Gothik has been a major DPS test that I'm convinced we can brute force nowadays, so that he won't even register as a late boss.

    4H is a coordination nightmare but will be a far shorter fight to encounter. Sapphiron will be real rough early on until we've had time to deck out in frost resist, and KT would fit in fairly well with modern fights.

    One stack of Greater Shadow Protection pots is 54G on my own server right now. This is going to be hell to buy wow classic gold pay for next phase.

    You can practice for kt's difficulty spike by letting a couple little cthun eyes fully channel each wave. Should you do exactly the cthun mechanics well you will do good on kt tho.

    Once we fixed that we shot them and like 2 taken Cthun. Visidus was 3 months due to the consumes.