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There's no issue of transferring progress or status

  • Jan 26
    It is evident that Innova plans to Lineage 2M Diamonds buy traffic and cooperate alongside local companies (for instance in Russia and the CIS, Innova will act as a regional publisher ). But, this doesn't mean that there is no need for additional methods of attraction.

    One possible solution could be to launch a new NCSOFT initiative, which is aimed at those who are the most avid players of Lineage 2. Lineage 2, which has been operating officially in Russia from the beginning of 2008 (since the date of registration in the game, we have reached the mark of 6 million).

    The essence of the campaign is the capability to transfer usernames and clan names in Lineage 2M. Unfortunately, there's no issue of transferring progress or status, and after all, for example, it was the synchronization of mobile and the web version in 2012 that brought the strongest boost to Candy Crush Saga .

    One other way to get attention may be to try to portray Lineage 2M as a cross-platform game, when in reality it's not. NCSOFT has its own BlueStacks alternative called PURPLE . And through onboding users in Lineage 2M through an emulator (rather difficult because of the funnel) the company is able to get a boost in downloads.

    Will it work out - we'll know after the release. In terms of buy Lineage 2M Diamonds the expectations for NCSOFT There isn't any information available about NCSOFT's expectations. NCSOFT has not made any comments.