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  • February 6, 2018 1:44 AM CST

    Lycanthropy: cheap ESO gold the ability to become a werewolf (more powers and abilities are added with the Dawnguard DLC). But at standard form all you get is the ability to run fast, smack people off with one swipe, supernatural howling, and eat people which will extend your transformation time. But the game also offers a cure for you and a few of the other members at the end of the Companions questline, except for a woman named Aela.

    Now we must say, this is an absolutely smoking deal from Microsoft. The company is trying every trick in the book to take down the sales leader in the current generation console market: Sony's PlayStation 4. And we also can't forget that in the past two weeks Microsoft has unveiled native backwards compatibility for select Xbox 360 games, game streaming to Windows 10 PCs, a spiffy new 1TB Xbox One at the $399 price point, and a new customizable wireless game controller that should be able to please even the most hardcore gamer..

    The classic exploratory gameplay that Elder Scrolls fans love will also be a feature of ESO. Rather than following a set sequence of quests, you will be able to simply stride off into the wilderness and see what you can find. "If you are the kind of player that likes to pick up a quest or quest line and play that quest line to the end, you can do that," Sage explained.

    Best Music Festival in the area has to go to Trampled by Turtle's Festival Palomino (09/19). Technically, we only covered one Music Festival this month, but of all the festivals we went to this year, Festival Palomino is one of our favorites. It's incredibly well organized and we like the audience they bring in.

    1. The War for the Living Room Begins: Going into E3 the Xbox 360 has been this generation's PS2 had been skeptical about Microsoft's new machine's online requirements and the hassle of selling used games. The good: DVR like abilities, instant access andsuper cool graphics.

    Due to this, the developers want to bring the war to the players to establish alliances and sense of belonging to said side. The inclusion of 3 alliances is said to helped with load balancing. While this may be hard to develop and put a strain on the creators, they feel this will prove good for the game.

    CVG says Rockstar going to do what it usually does: make like Axl Rose and shrug off the show. Which, frankly, would be fine by me I with guys like Irrational Games Ken Levine, when he suggests pre hype and previewing can spoil a game impact and says for these events takes time away from development. Amen..

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