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Kobe 5 Protro “Big Stage Parade”

  • May 25, 2020 2:47 AM CDT

    Kobe Bryant’s untimely death over the weekend devastated millions within the basketball community and sent shockwaves across the globe. Not only did Kobe enthrall us with his on-court brilliance, competitiveness, and determination to win, he also inspired us all to be the best individuals we could be. Through his well-documented Mamba Mentality, he gave us all the tools we needed to accomplish anything that we set our minds to — and his relentless mindset works. Not only did Kobe receive almost every decoration that can be handed out at NBA level, but he also excelled in business, in family life, and in the arts — the guy even won an Oscar. Having touched so many people across the world, his death really shook a lot of us to our core, and with so many questions still left unanswered, it still feels very raw..

    Moving a little closer to home for us — and just a small parcel of Kobe Bryant’s full life — is his signature sneaker line; Will it continue to exist?. It’s likely that no new models will be produced, as Kobe 5 Protro had such a significant input into the performance of his sneakers; A continuation of the Kobe line just wouldn’t feel right. As for his retrospective line — should they continue to release?. His legacy will live on in many ways, and one of them should be sneakers. With many pro athletes and weekend warriors continuing to lace up Kobes years on from his retirement, it’s great to see people still enjoying the fruits of Kobe’s labor. He’d probably want it that way, too.

    Here Kobe Shoes have a Big Stage/Parade Nike Kobe 5 Protro that surfaced on on Sunday morning, which was due to release on February 7th. The pair was swiftly pulled due to the circumstances. What made it even more sensitive of many is that this particular pair draws inspiration from Bryant’s final Championship win, pulling design cues from his famed “Big Stage Home” Kobe 5 Protro and his “Parade” PE — and still a few days on, it’s hard to even look at this pair without tearing up. But there is a question that looms for Nike: When and should they resume releasing Kobe’s to the public? It’s a sensitive issue that probably shouldn’t even be spoken about right now, but I know a lot of sneakerheads out there want to support Kobe and his family through their passion for sneakers.

    At this stage, we’re not sure when they will release — or even if they will release — but we’re hoping that they do eventually make their way to loyal Kobe fans across the world soon so that we can honor and tribute his legacy in our own special way. We’re sure that more information on the pair will surface over the coming weeks so make sure that you’re following HOUSE OF HEAT on Twitter for updates

    Style Code: CT8014-100
    Color: White/Metallic Gold-Black
    Release Date: 2020
    Price: $88