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I downloaded Mut 21 coins out of EA Access

  • November 8, 2020 11:05 PM CST

    I downloaded Mut 21 coins out of EA Access last night since I miss these draft classes together with Jack English, Ben Bones, etc. and that I was amazed my cloud conserves were there. Do not regret not buying 21 whatsoever.

    I actually despise the game. Anyone want to purchase the game back from me for 50 bucks? It's the MVP variant

    How about if the CPU team calls for a reasonable catch on a punt return, do not then let them also return it for 20 metres since I did not tackle. Like wtf? I have video of the... I will probably play with it when it comes to EA PlayGame Pass Ultimate soon after the Super Bowl (same as I've done for the last 4 decades I think). I'm really okay with giving EA $30 annually for EA Play (or however much Microsoft will give EA for their inclusion in Game Pass Ultimate), rather than $100s on matches which are nowhere near finished at launching.

    . .we both realize that the franchise ain't gone get better to the owner admits he trash or the die of old age.

    Sad thing is EA will just assume he's mad about his rating and does not actually think their game is absolute garbage.

    Nahthey understand its quality has diminished. It is only a cash machine for these and they know kids and suckers are going to buy it as long as they have the permit.

    Hopefully they get the message their game stinks but I forgot they only signed on for 5 more years Ive recently gotten into ncaa 14 and Jesus for as old as that game is the amount of attention to cheap Madden 21 coins detail and also how in depth Dynasty mode was in 2013 in comparison to franchise in madden is absolutely sickening. Im considering modding my Xbox 360 only so I can play with the Ncaa Revamped.