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Why is it mt nba 2k21 that some players

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    November 8, 2020 11:06 PM CST

    Why is it mt nba 2k21 that some players randomly pull up with no one close to them and then miss.Like, I get the NBA players are not trained voice actors, but damn, get some voice actors to fill in the blanks or some thing.


    Yeah anyone who says"but matches are more expensive now!" No console has offered over the PS2, but the best selling game on PS2 has been San Andreas, which offered roughly 17 million copies. As a point of contrast, RDR2 sold about that most in its first 3 times.


    Remember when EA and Ubisoft were incorporating the Internet Pass for $5 due to used sales? Backfired and EA eliminated it out of their games that still had server operation.


    I am already preventing AAA names due to the sheer number of MSTs and other BS. Growing cost at retail when I refuse to preorder an untested product which could possibly be dead within the year and require a significant overhaul to core systems isn't going to work.


    Indie games will hopefully take over the current market, they are only far more cost effective and are not scared of taking risks.Holy . In the time I didn't believe it was a massive deal cause it was like CD Keys but for games.


    Mass Effect 3 locked a significant character behind such a key, envision that in the buy nba 2k21 mt coins modern industry. Are you speaking about Javik? He was on-disk DLC when I recall correctly, a different yet still scummy matter.