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Gridiron Notes: Madden NFL 21 The Yard Deep Dive

  • January 2, 2021 6:50 PM CST

    Feels like a direct response to 2K. Imagine if this energy had been put into Madden 21 coins Franchise style or a real My Player mode rather... Especially since the 2k game probably will not even be out until late 21 or 22. Madden: extends"sim" football video game permit. Additionally madden: doesn't touch franchise and can so rather. They are probably trying to get before 2K a little to keep some players. They're bleeding enthusiasts cause they do not hear them. Now they are throwing anything in the wall to get back them except what they've been wanting. I am sorry but how can WWE not hear fans. Continued to push Roman despite fan backlash, refused to provide any attention to Daniel Bryan before the crowd straight hijack shows with chants. The time they came out and told fans to stop watching when they dont like it. Their ratings are in sharp decline since.

    At the exact same time, everybody, in particular that the UI and Network guys, will also be attempting to iron out technical kinks and standards for the next-gen release on consoles at which the pipeline to acceptability from Sony and Microsoft is much less well-oiled, yeah, even EA will have a procedure. That's a fiddly business and standards are higher in the start of a console life cycle. If you still purchase Madden 21 on launch in anticipation of this football season, there'll be nothing in Franchise besides the pitiful stuff in the patch notes. It is too late in the afternoon to add anything.

    EA clearly have been somewhat stunned by the groundswell of view but even if they did need to throw resources at enhancing Franchise, it is going to be after Christmas before anything remotely worth its salt makes its way into the"customer". And that is critical. FIFA, on the face of it, adds a few bits and pieces to their variant of Franchise every calendar year, but perform for a week and you soon realise that what's been added is actually just window-dressing, usually in the kind of quite feeble and limited conversation decision trees with players and agents.

    No matter statistical significance that may visibly impact the match on the pitch is additional. It truly appears too late in the afternoon to anticipate anything noteworthy that this year as far as EA are worried that the consumer may have consumed by 2021 so guarantees will be made for Madden 22 Next Gen.. . Because you absolutely know that Madden 22 Legacy Edition will be a roster update and nothing else.

    I stated this in the comments on Twitter however I will reiterate it . I believe this is the start of the measures in the perfect direction, and I feel the are beginning to understand that mistakes, but till I see advancements, I'll stay doubtful. I can appreciate your optimism, but I am not confident in them rolling out anything aside from a patch 60+ days post launch using possibly one decent attribute added or say v1.5 of cheap Mut 21 coins this scenario engine, which isn't even near sufficient.