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I blatantly kick it cheap Mut 21 coins

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    November 20, 2020
    The games just scripted. And that's what makes me so mad. If I actually got overcome by the cpu I would not be upset. But you get overcome by pre and scripts determined plays I can't tell you how often I have had similar occur. I used to play more legit HB in which I wasn't the complete time starter and I would have it Madden nfl 21 coins where your down 2 or 3 and you would literally direct a push down area and enter the red zone with ample time and 2 or 3 timeouts and it takes you out the match and your team runs out the clock without even trying a field target costing you a winnable match.

    There is so many glitches in this game which have been in the past 3 matches it is so frustrating.

    The worst one is if your career player will get simulated touches in which it doesn't allow you to play when your men on the field.

    I discovered a way to have the ball back 40 percent of their time or better on kickoffs in Madden 21.

    I blatantly kick it cheap Mut 21 coins short, usually received on around the 18, switch players immediately, appears to be my fb on kick coverage team, run out him in a wide arc to the left, overlooking all the blockers, return in after the blockers, then struck the hit stick right as I reach the returner, if I have missed all the blockers and get to him, he'll fumble every time along with also my policy staff will recuperate it around the 30 yard line.