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This works extremely nicely in buy Mut 21 coins

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    November 24, 2020
    There is a lot of glitches in Madden nfl 21 coins this game which have been in the past 3 games it's so frustrating.

    The worst one is if your career player will get simulated touches where it will not let you play when your guys on the field.

    I discovered a way to get the ball back 40% of their time or better on kickoffs in Madden 21.

    I intentionally kick it short, typically received on round the 18, switch players immediately, happens to be my fb on kick coverage group, run out him in a broad arc to the left, overlooking all of the blockers, curving back in after the blockers, then hit the hit stick right since I reach the returner, when I have missed all the blockers and get to him, he'll fumble every time along with also my policy team will recuperate it around the 30 yard line.

    I discovered it by accident. I've really only ever used it blatantly in such as week 17 if I have offensive players close to statistical leads or breaking records How can I, the game doesn't even understand how football is supposed to work Do not get me wrong, I attempt to perform somewhat legit.

    Yeah but.... Have you played with Madden 21? The match IS broken.

    This works extremely nicely in buy Mut 21 coins too. Super simple way to acquire Mills' Forced Fumbles done.

    Can EA please explain WHY they took this stuff from this sport in online H2H: Assess stats, background, cumulative stats, scouting, weather, challenges, and capacity to save depth charts? And after they describe, please place them !