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Buying progress for OSRS gold sport events

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    Jan 21
    Loyalty Points largely give makeup like outfits, recolors, titles, and emotes, but they also get Auras, which give buffs for a duration and go on cooldown. Auras have their own gear slot and may be BiS for PvM and Skilling.

    Treasure Hunter Keys (loot boxes), RuneCoins for Solomon's store (makeup, pets, bank room, additional ability bars), RuneMetrics (loot and xp monitoring ), buying progress for OSRS gold sport events (cosmetics). Events are ordered so that you usually can't get all of the rewards without spending money or grinding an ungodly number of hours at a brief period.

    I'd argue it's at its absolute worst currently. It's especially bad once the promotion Yak Track comes around. The Yak Track was likely to be an alternative to the rampant Treasure Hunter promos that Jagex runs, but the last couple have abused people's FOMO and makes the battles ridiculously dull to strongarm them into big task skips with Bonds.

    I exclusively play Ironman mode there, but last I heard is they went back on the promise of Yak Track substituting TH promos and so are biking them through like normal even when the Tracks are running.That's only 1 example.

    It does not affect me much, since I play with Ironman mode, but Buy Runescape gold since it seems Jagex is cashing in on purely MTX now, it is getting in the way of proper game upgrades and is continuing to emphasise out the game faster.

    I discovered about the crucial exploit and also the bans that occurred from that. I haven't kept up with the promos such as Yak Track, but it is sad to see these ramping up MTX rather than toning it down.